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Employee Benefits

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  • Employee Assistance Program
    • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides assistance for you and your family members. Through the EAP, you, your spouse or live-in partner, and eligible dependent children can access free, convenient, and confidential services. The EAP offers a variety of services including counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional, legal and financial resources, and WorkLife referrals.

      Through the EAP, a counselor will work with you to identify and provide assessment for any personal and/or work related problems you may be experiencing. The UTEAP network includes licensed mental health counselors, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists and chemical dependency professionals. This includes but is not limited to:

      - Alcohol or drug problems
      - Anger management
      - Bankruptcy and credit advice
      - Caregiver issues
      - Consumer rights
      - Coping with change/anxiety
      - Credit advice
      - Debt consolidation
      - Divorce & family matters
      - Family and parenting issues

      For more information, visit Portion of the website is password-protected. Contact Liza Benson, UTB Employee Help Center Coordinator, at
      956-882-7172 to provide you with this information.

  • Health and Life Insurance
    • Your coverage with UT will end on last official day of employment. By federal law, COBRA, you have the option to continue coverage for health, dental, vision and flexible spending accounts for up to 18 months after separation of employment. You will be responsible for the full premium plus a 2% administration fee. A certificate of health coverage and COBRA forms will be mailed to you within 14 days from your last day of employment. You have 60 days from your coverage expiration date or the date on your notice to accept or decline COBRA coverage. You have 45 days form your date of election to make your first premium payment.


      You may also be able to convert your Group Term Life Insurance and Long Term Disability plan from a group to an individual policy.  Contact Human Resources prior to your last day of employment for more information. Conversion forms are due to the plan carrier within 31 days from your coverage expiration date.

  • Employee Leave
    • Unused sick leave hours will be forfeited upon separation of employment. Sick leave hours may be restored and transferred if you are re-hired by a Texas State Agency within 12 months from your date of separation. You may donate your unused sick leave hours to the sick leave pool for use by other employees who experience a catastrophic illness or injury upon separation. Contributions to the sick leave pool  must be in increments of 8 hours. Once hours are contributed to the pool, they cannot be restored.


      Unused vacation hours will be paid upon separation of employment if applicable. Your vacation balance will be transferred if you are hired by another Texas State Agency without a break in service.

      A portion or all unused vacation leave can be deferred into the UT Saver 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) up to the IRS contribution limit. You must notify the Human Resources Benefits Office and open a DCP account (1) month prior to your last day of employment to take advantage of this option. To learn more about saving with your DCP, go to

  • Retirement
    • Optional Retirement Program (ORP)

      Upon separation, if you are in the ORP you can:

      - Leave your funds with ORP
      - Request a refund or
      - Transfer your funds to another retirement account

      UTB will request a refund of employer contributions from your ORP provider if you are not vested in the plan.

      For more information, click here.

      Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

      Upon separation, if you are in the TRS you can:

      - Leave your funds with TRS
      - Request a refund or
      - Transfer your funds to another retirement account

      Vested participants may be eligible to receive a retirement annuity.

      For additional information, visit:

      - TRS Steps to Retirement (video)
      - Checklist for Retiring Members (PDF)
      - Teacher Retirement System of Texas - TRS (website)

  • Unemployment Compensation
    • The Texas Workforce Commission is the Texas State Agency responsible for unemployment benefits. Anyone leaving employment with UT Brownsville may file a claim and try to draw benefits, but must meet various requirements. For job seekers, TWC offers career development information, job search resources, training programs, and as appropriate, weekly income benefits for a limited period of time. To file a claim, contact any office of the Texas Workforce Commission. For a list of office locations, go to
  • COBRA Rates
    • Employee Only Employee and Spouse Employee and Children Employee and Family
      UT Select Medical PPO $489.61 $960.03 $876.74 $1,332.47
      UT Select Dental Plan $31.48 $59.75 $65.86 $93.65
      UT Select Dental Plus $54.25 $103.03 $113.69 $161.98
      Delta Care HMO $8.72 $16.58 $18.32 $26.16
      Superior Vision $6.94 $10.98 $11.18 $17.75
      Superior Vision Plus $11.02 $17.10 $18.32 $25.91
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