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Skip Clean Program - FAQ

What is skip cleaning?

Skip cleaning means that not all the areas of a building will be cleaned at the same level of frequency. For example, restrooms will be cleaned every day, but offices will be cleaned every other day.

Why are we using skip cleaning?

Skip cleaning has environmental and economic benefits through reduced operational costs and consumption of materials, such as trash bags. It is estimated that plastic trash bags take decades, or even a century, to disintegrate.

When did this start?

The Skip Clean Pilot Program began February 28, 2011 in Tandy Hall and the University Boulevard Classroom Building. The new housekeeping approach became a campus-wide initiative April 18, 2011 in conjunction with Earth Week.

How does this affect me?

Employees should not throw food in the trashcans at their desk, since the trash may not be picked up that same day. Employees are also encouraged to eat in common areas, which will still be cleaned daily.

Will the University be able to keep the same level of cleanliness?

GCA Services group, the University’s new housekeeping services partner, has successfully used skip cleaning at other college campuses with exceptional results.  They expect to be able to maintain the same level of cleanliness.

What areas will still be cleaned five days a week?

Restrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, and common areas will be cleaned five days a week. Common areas include hallways, lobbies, and areas outside a building’s main entrance.

What happens if I spot something that needs to be cleaned, like a full trashcan?

Call the custodial staff, which is available every day during normal business hours, to report areas that require attention.  Custodial Services can be reached at (956) 882-8272.

How can I provide feedback?

A survey will be emailed to participants as new buildings are added to the program. The survey will allow you to provide your comments and feedback.

Recycling - FAQ

What does the University recycle?

The University recycles paper, plastic bottles, and cardboard.

There are more than 150 recycling bins for paper placed in departments across the campus. About 100 bins around campus are used to collect plastic bottles. Any department personnel can place cardboard in front of the department’s office to be picked up for recycling.  The cardboard must be broken down and labeled that it is meant for recycling. In addition to this, some departments also recycle aluminum cans.

Can shredded paper be recycled?

Yes. If an office shreds paper, the shredded paper can still be recycled.

What recycled products does the university use?

Paper towels, toilet paper, and spray bottles for cleaners that the University purchases are made from recycled products.

Can I put newspapers in the recycle bins for office paper?

Yes, newspapers can be included in the paper recycle bins.

What if my department does not have a recycle bin?

Any box or bin can be used to collect recycled items, as long as it is clearly labeled for custodial services.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

You can send an email to or contact Mary Hernandez in Purchasing at (956) 882-3822, Martin Cortez at the Physical Plant at 882-5909, or GCA Office at 882-8272.

Be sure to check out the
Skip Clean Presentation
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Skip Clean Program Contacts:
Mary Hernandez, Purchasing

Martin Cortez, Physical Plant

GCA Custodial Vendor


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