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Evacu-Trac ChairEvacu-Trac is an evacuation chair used to move people with a disability or injury down stairways quickly and safety during an emergency. Evacu-Tracs are stored in cabinets near the top of stairways around campus.

During an emergency, the passenger is tranferred from their wheelchair to the Evacu-Trac. Once positioned in the Evacu-Trac, velcro straps are wrapped securely around the passenger's torso and lower legs. The passenger is then wheeled to the stairway for descend.

Below are some videos describing the use of Evacu-Tracs. Videos require the use of Microsoft Media Player or Real Player, depending on the option of your choice.

Speed Media Player Real Player
Cable Modem/LAN: 400k Windows Media Player 220K Real Player
56k Modem 56k Windows Media Player 56k Real Player
28/33k Modem N/A 28k Real Player


For a list of Evacu-Tracs locations on campus, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 882-5930.

* Videos courtesy of Garaventa Evacu-Trac.

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