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Paying For College

Paying For College

Choosing to get an education is one of the most important decisions anyone can make. Planning ahead is equally decisive in a student’s journey. UTB is one of the best values in tuition in the state and offers students many financial aid alternatives including scholarships, grants and endowments. We’ve put together Cost of Attendance estimates in order to help students calculate costs and plan ahead.



Cost of Attendance estimates include the following components:

Tuition and Fees: The average academic-year cost for a typical fulltime student. (Costs may vary depending on degree plan)

Books and Supplies: The average academic year cost of books and supplies for a typical fulltime student. (Costs do not include special materials such as software and art supplies)

Room and Board: The average cost of living in Brownsville for an entire academic year. (Costs depend on actual location and other variables)

Transportation: The average transportation costs for a typical fulltime student. (Costs may vary depending on mode of transportation and fuel variations)

Personal and Misc.: The average allowance for additional living expenses incurred during an academic school year by a typical fulltime student.

Costs of attendance are established each year and are applied to students with similar backgrounds and degree plans. Students may request a COA evaluation at the UTB Financial Aid Office by providing current documentation of expenses with a written explanation of unusual circumstances.

If you are a first time freshman or transfer student with less than 30 hours, your next step is to register for orientation.

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