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Q:When will I know how much financial aid I got for fall 2014

A:You will receive a letter to your email. The primary email you provided on your FAFSA. You can also check your UTB email address.
4/22/2014 8:31 AM
Dalyn Ruiz


A:Registration Deadlines: Summer I: May 21 Summer I Add/Drop: May 29-June 2 Summer II: June 29 Summer II Add/Drop: July 10
4/22/2014 8:29 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:If the only thing I need is to take the TSI, can I still begin to register for my classes? Or so I have to wait until afterwards?

A:You must take the TSI and attend orientation before registering for courses. The TSI tells you and your advisor what levels of course work you are prepared to take. The TSI measures your college-readiness in Reading, Writing and Math.
4/22/2014 8:28 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:How do I get my login information to register for courses?

A:Admitted students who have cleared all admission requirements will use their student ID # and a pin. The ID# and Pin# were sent to you via email with your welcome letter. Please refer to this letter for additional guidance. You must set-up your personal password. For one-on-one assistance contact an enrollment specialist 956-882-8860. Go to and enter your first and last name initials with your ID number and password.
4/22/2014 8:25 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:I'm planning to attend summer 1 and take two courses but would financial aid cover them or how does that work?

A:Financial aid eligiblity is dependent on each students qualifications. For one-on-one assistance conact our Office of Financial Aid, 956-882-8277. Our Enrollment Center located in Main is open M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for in person assistance. We do stay open on Tuesdays until 7 p.m.
4/11/2014 9:37 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:what are the classes you have to take in order to graduate in the criminology field (4 year degree) ?

A:Go to our undergraduate catalog for more information,
4/11/2014 9:25 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:Where can I ask for help for submitting a FAFSA application as a independent student for the first time?

A:Contact an Enrollment Specialist for one-on-one assistance, 956-882-8958.
4/11/2014 9:22 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:what time can we start registration?

A:Registration begins at 6 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.
4/11/2014 9:21 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:I'm a student at utpa but I wanted to take a summer class in utb. what classes will be available? Do I need to apply to utb first?

A:Yes, you will need to apply via You would be a transient student, we will also need an official transcript from UTPA for our records. Upon meeting our admission criteria for transient students we will email you next steps to your new UTB email address. You can also see our transient checklist at Send to: UT Brownsville Office of Transfer Services One West University Blvd. Brownsville, Texas 78520
4/11/2014 9:20 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:When does registration for summer courses start?

A:Summer registration is currently underway. For more information on specific summer sessions go to
4/11/2014 9:15 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:I skipped two years after I graduated high school and am now ready for college, is there any special application or do i do the same one i did in high school?

A:There is only one admission application, Locate UT Brownsville on the list of universities and you will also need send an official transcript from your former high school to our Office of Admissions and Recruitment, One West Univeristy Boulevard, Brownsville, Texas 78520 For more information on our first time freshman admissions criteria go to
4/11/2014 9:14 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:How can I apply for summer financial aid?

A:Contact our Office of Financial Aid for one-on-one assistance, 956-882-8277. Our Enrollment Center located in Main is also open M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays we close at 7 p.m.
4/11/2014 9:11 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:Apply on line

A:Go to to submit an admission application to UT Brownsville. For one-on-one assistance you can contact an enrollment specialist, 956-882-8295.
4/11/2014 9:08 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:What time does registration start for 60+ credits on April 7. midnight?

A:Registration for all dates begins at 6 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m.
4/11/2014 9:07 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:where do I find the courses that are available for May session?

A:Go to for assistance and to search the course schedule for May session.
4/11/2014 9:06 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:where can I register for the compass test

A:UTB no longer offers the Compass test. We now offer the state-mandated "NEW TSI". Students interested can contact our Testing Center for more information, 956-882-8875.
4/2/2014 9:06 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:What is TSI TEST

A:The New TSI testing is a state-mandated placement test for students entering a four-year university. The test results provide a guide to a students college-readiness in Reading, Writing and Math. Students who do not pass a portion of the TSI must complete developmental course work before enrolling in college-level courses.
3/17/2014 12:54 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:I just submitted my FAFSA. If the priority deadline was March 1, does that mean that submitting mine was useless?

A:No, this means you will still have your financial aid completed before the fall payment deadline (if eligible). For one-on-one assistance contact the Office of Financial Aid, 956-882-8277.
3/17/2014 12:48 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:Has the financial aid application for summer 2014 been posted on yet?

A:The application is not up yet but can be found in the near future on the financial aid webpage.
3/17/2014 12:47 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:When is the list of summer/may courses going to be available?

A:It is already available to view on our website,
3/17/2014 12:47 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:i am not able to use the data base please help me

A:Call an enrollment specialist for one-on-one assistance, 956-882-8295.
3/17/2014 12:47 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:When can I register for fall classes

A:Registration begins April 1 by classification. Registration 90+ completed hours- April 1 to Aug 12 Registration 60+ completed hours- April 7 to Aug 12 Registration 30+ completed hours- April 14 to Aug 12 Open to all April 21
3/17/2014 12:47 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:When can you start applying for summer financial aid?

A:Students interested in applying for summer aid are encouraged to do so before March 1, 2014.
3/14/2014 10:11 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:How can I check my application status if i don't have a UTB login?

A:Contact an enrollment specialist for an update, 956-882-8295.
3/14/2014 10:08 AM
Dalyn Ruiz

Q:When is the Financial Aid submission deadline?

A:The priority deadline to guarantee your funds (if eligible) will arrive before the first class day of fall 2014 you must submit a FAFSA by March 1.
3/7/2014 2:17 PM
Dalyn Ruiz

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