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Steps to Register Online


  1. Go to The University of Texas at Brownsville home page at
  2. On the top side of the screen, click on “Quick Links" then click "UTB Online” button.
  3. Type in your user name. Your user name consists of the first capital letter of your first name, the first capital letter of your last name and your seven-digit school identification number.
  4. Next, first-time users, type in your temporary password which is provided to you once admitted. If you do not know your password, contact the Help Desk at 956.882.4357 or email them at If you do not recall your password, click on “Main Menu” and then “What’s my Password?” and follow the instructions given. Note: First-time users will be asked to change their temporary password.
  5. Click on “Submit.” Note: After logging in, be sure to stay active with registration. Inactivity for more than 10 minutes will cause you to be automatically logged off.
  6. You will see this screen at right: Click on “Students.”

  7. image 2
  8. Under Registration, go to “Register for Sections.”

  9. image 2
  10. You will see this screen at right:

  11. image 2
  12. Click on “Search/Register for Sections.”
  13. You will see this screen at right:

  14. image 2
  15. Select the term for which you are registering. Then select the subject and submit.
  16. You will see this screen at right:

  17. image 2
  18. Select the courses you want to register for and submit.

  19. image 2
  20. The courses you selected will be displayed under “Preferred Sections.”
  21. Select “Register” from the “Action” drop down box, for each course, and click submit.
  22. Your new schedule will be displayed on another screen. This will confirm your registration.
  23. To receive an account summary, add or drop a course, review your class schedule or deadlines, click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the “Main Menu” page.
  24. There is a waitlist option in UTB Online. It allows you to add yourself to a waiting list when a class is already closed. Students on a waitlist will be offered a seat in the class by institutional e-mail if it becomes available. The student will then have 72 hours to register for the class. Students who do not take action will be permanently removed from the wait list after the 72 hours have expired.
  25. To add yourself to the waitlist select “WL – Waitlist” from the “Action” drop down box and click submit.
  26. To register for the class after you have been offered a seat, click on “Manage” my waitlist. Then select “Register” from the “Action” drop down box and submit. If you have a disability that prevents you from registering, please call the Disability Services coordinator at 882-8839 or see Page 12 for more information.
  27. Note: If you have other difficulties adding the offered seat, please contact the Office of the Registrar ( so the issue can be resolved before the 72 hours have expired.

      Registration for Students with Disabilities

      Students with disabilities may request assistance through Disability Services, an office of the Counseling Center. Students who need help with registration should contact the office several days before registration. Those who need special services throughout the semester should inform Disability Services several weeks before the semester.

      Some of the services available include volunteer notetakers, taped notebooks, memos to faculty, special test conditions, sign language interpreting and registration assistance. An Adaptive Technology Lab and Testing Service is available for student use. To request services, students must register with the counselor/ coordinator of Disability Services. All services are elective and must be requested each semester, as needed.

      Permits for parking in spaces designated for the handicapped may be obtained from Campus Police, in Cavalry Hall. Proof of disability is required. TDD users who wish to contact the university by phone may call through Relay Texas at 800.735.2989.

      For more information, contact Disability Services, located at the Camille Lightner Center at 956.882.7374.

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