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Audit A Course

Audit enrollment is on a space-available basis for courses that have been designated as suitable for audit by the Dean of the College or School. Not all courses are available for audit. Students may not enter courses for audit until the date specified on the Academic Calendar for the semester or term (until after the seventh class day of a long term has begun) during which the courses will be audited. Those who wish to audit should contact the appropriate instructor for departmental approval. The fee for audit enrollment is $50.00 per class. There is no charge for people 65 years and older. To qualify for this waiver, students must contact Financial Aid. Audit fees are nonrefundable. Audit students do not receive credit. An audit intention cannot be used to credit nor can credit courses be changed to audit. Audit work cannot be used towards diploma or degree requirements. Enrollment as an auditor does not permit enrollees to take examinations, have tests or other papers checked by the instructor, participate in required oral recitations or participate in other classroom evaluations or special activities.

What are the steps for auditing a course?

  1. Student must have an active admissions application on file. If there is no active application, the student should contact Admissions and Recruitment and indicate that they intend to take audit courses. (Audit course(s) cannot be added if there is no active application on file).
  2. If there is space available in course/section, student must obtain permission from the professor of record.
  3. If student obtains permission, the department needs to submit a request to the Academic Service Center to create a course/section being audited.
  4. If student obtains permission, the department must email their approval to Registrars for processing. Emails should be directed to Amanda Lerma ( and should include student's name, student's ID, contact information, and course/section being audited.
  5. Once this information is received, our office will process the registration and notifying the department.
  6. At this point, the student will be able to pay the $50 fee associated with auditing a course.

Additional Auditing Information

  • Audit requests for long semester (Fall/Spring) cannot be made until the 7th class day.
  • Audit requests for short semesters (Summers) cannot be made until the 3rd class day.
  • Auditing courses/sections is on space available basis.
  • Audit fees are waived if the student is 65 years or older. To qualify for waiver, students must contact Financial Aid.
  • Audit fees are nonrefundable.
  • Courses audited will reflect on transcripts with a grade issued of AU.
  • Audit students do not receive credit for course.
  • Audit course cannot be used toward diploma or degree requirements.
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