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Spanish Credit by Exam

The Spanish Examination administered at The University of Texas at Brownsville may award 3 or 6 hours of credit, depending upon the score obtained, for Spanish 2313 and 2315.

The exam consists of a 200-word composition testing the ability to write expository passages in Spanish and 180 items in six sections, completely in Spanish, covering grammar, spelling, vocabulary in context, lexical relationships, accents, and composition. For the most part, the format is blind multiple choice. In these items the correct word must be produced with virtually no cue except for the context itself, more or less as in actual conversation.

Study Guides

In preparing for the Spanish Examination, students may find it helpful to review standard college Spanish textbooks used in the United States.

A general information sheet is available upon request when registering for the Spanish Credit by Exam test.

The following texts are currently used in first and second-semester Spanish courses at The University of Texas at Brownsville and can be purchased at the university bookstore:

  1. La Lengua que heredamos, by Marqués.
  2. Mundo 21, by Samaniego.
  3. Dos Mundos, by Terrell.
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