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Cabling Infrastructure

The Enterprise Infrastructure operation installs copper and fiber cabling for voice, data, wireless, video, and other systems. Responsibilities for cabling infrastructure, within the group, include planning, administrating and managing the voice, data, and video wiring infrastructure projects, including upgrading and adding new connections in campus buildings.

Project Scope

  • Add/upgrade pathways to distribute infrastructure of copper and fiber cables throughout campus
  • Extend copper and fiber backbone to connect campus buildings
  • Add/maintain conduits throughout the campus to facilitate the installation of interior/exterior cabling for campus buildings
  • Drop installations
  • Replace infrastructure for data/voice with CAT5e certified cable, new outlets, and faceplates
  • Revamp/consolidate network communications rooms in all buildings including electrical and mechanical improvements
  • Upgrade equipment at the core, distribution and access levels to provide state of the art connectivity
  • Coax, fiber, and conduit system mapping
  • Fiber network management and emergency repairing
  • Fiber fusion, splicing, and activation
  • Cabling Infrastructure
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