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Texas Bar Foundation Grant will Help Paralegal Students Serve Community

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – FEBRUARY 7, 2011 – The Texas Bar Foundation has awarded The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College a $5,047grant to help establish the Cameron County Wills Clinic to provide pro bono legal services to low-income community members.

The Cameron County Wills Clinic is designed to pair volunteer attorneys with paralegal students from the Department of Applied Business Technology in the College of Business. The students, under an attorney’s supervision, will interview low-income residents and prepare and execute estate planning documents for them at no charge.

The first of two clinics is expected to take place in April, with another clinic to occur in the fall. The location of these clinics has yet to be determined.

By providing legal services to poor and disadvantaged people, this project will not only assist in estate planning and writing wills, but will also serve to help the public understand their rights and responsibilities under the law, enhance the ethical and professional practice of law, and strengthen the court system and the administration of justice.

For more information, contact Joe Krippel, lecturer, Department of Applied Business Technology, at (956) 882-7325 or email joe.krippel@utb.edu.



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