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Academy of Master Teachers

High quality teaching is crucial in preparing students for college, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. Enhanced teacher development is a critical tool and has proven itself effective on a small scale; we seek to scale up this venture, offering it to teachers across the RGV. Doing so is especially important because currently, in the Region One Education Service Center, which encompasses 37 school districts that include the school districts of the RGV, approximately 30% of STEM teachers are not teaching within their certified discipline. To ensure that our precollege students receive the highest level of educational instruction, we propose to implement an Academy of Master Teachers, with a prestigious master designation for teachers in our public schools who have earned or will earn, in the process of being certified, a Master's Degree in their field and become credentialed to serve as trainers and mentors in their districts.

Summit video - Academy of Master Teachers
Academy of Master Teachers video

The Academy will focus primarily on fields of study that have been a strength in the RGV, particularly the STEM fields, bilingual education, and other select, focused areas. The Academy will create the next generation of educational leaders in the RGV. Master Teachers will also be trained and certified to teach rigorous Dual Credit courses in the high schools, in conjunction with our two-year college partners. The Academy will not only develop the talent of our teachers in the RGV, but it will also ensure that our precollege students are receiving top-notch, quality educational experiences, in preparation for their transition into higher education. To teach with rigor, a teacher's content knowledge must be accurate and deep and his/her teaching skills must effectively support students as they learn content for understanding. The Academy proposes to better prepare teachers to be successful in the classroom. These teachers will learn how to use the latest technology and how to best interact with today’s technology savvy students. Better prepared teachers who are also oriented towards preparing their students to pursue college will produce more students who have the necessary preparation and interest to do so.

This initiative will help enhance the growth of dual enrollment opportunities that exist in the region, ensuring that teachers who teach college credit courses at the high school level are implementing an academically rigorous curriculum. The initiative will ensure that innovation is at the heart of education in the RGV.

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