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Lok-IT USB Drives

As part of the Board of Regent's initiative to strengthen the security of information across medical and academic universities within UT-System, the Office of Information security (OIS) has received Encrypted 4GB LOK-IT Drives. The Encrypted 4GB USB drives are available to all full time faculty who want one. A campaign is in progress to distribute the encrypted USB drives across campus. Emails will be sent to department administrative staff asking them to confirm the number of drives each school/college will need.

Acceptance of the drive is strictly optional and the drive must be returned at the end of employment. Please note that the Encrypted USB drives should be used as secondary form of storage. The best use of the drives is for secure storage when traveling or in public settings where there is risk someone might pick-up the drive (aka classroom environment). The assigned Faculty will be the only one with the passcode to the drive. OIS will not be able to recover your files if the passcode is lost. The best possibility OIS can offer is resetting the encrypted drive back to default, note that all data on the drive will be deleted as a result. The drives have a 10 failed passcode setting. This means that after 10 attempts to access the drive fail, all data on the drive is erased. This setting is reset to 0 every time the correct passcode is entered.

The choice to accept the 4 GB LOK-IT Flash Drive is OPTIONAL; however a response is required by the Office of Information Security either via email to and/or a phone call to 882-3884. OIS needs to know your decision (accept/decline). A record of the decision will be maintained by OIS.


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