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In an innovative partnership with community and technical colleges in the State of Texas, the Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) and the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences(BAAS) offer AAS graduates and technical students a seamless transition to a bachelor degree program that provides career opportunities that build on their technical specialization areas.


I am a student currently enrolled in a qualifying AAS program in one of the partner colleges?

If you have an AAS in a qualifying area from an accredited college in Texas that has signed an articulation agreement with us (list below), you may have the opportunity to:

  • transfer up to 38 technical credit hours as a block into the BAT or BAAS
  • transfer your General Education Core curriculum
    Transcript from home college must state: "General Education Core Curriculum Complete."

    * Eligibility and qualifying AAS and technical credits will be determined after official transcripts are evaluated by the UTB/TSC Office of Admissions Transcript Evaluators. Please contact the BAT/BAAS advisor for more information.

I am an advisor, counselor, faculty, or administrator in one of the partner colleges? 

You have the opportunity to help your AAS students and graduates transfer seamless into the Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) or Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS). To help students begin the admission process, please visit the "How To Become a UTB/TSC Student" link on the menu on the left.

Working in conjunction with our Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) and Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) advisor and faculty advisors, your students can achieve their goals of obtaining a bachelors degree for upward mobility or increased career opportunities.

Articulation Partner College List


Thank you for joining us last week for our consortium meeting at St. Philip's College in San Antonio. Below is the link to the presentation.

BAT & BAAS Consortium Meeting Presentation-April 22, 2010   

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