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Cadet Life

Combat Water Survival Training (CWST)

Cadets are tested once a semester on their ability to employ combat water survival skills in a swimming pool. Each event consists of rigorous exercises which they must complete in order to pass CWST. Before this, however, cadets are tested on their ability to swim by performing a ten-minute continuous swim followed by a five-minute session of treading water. Once they complete the swim test they move on to the first station of the 25-meter equipment swim. This swim must be completed with their LBE (Load Bearing Equipment) and an M16. The second station is the equipment drop. The cadet is pushed into the water and must drop all equipment while submerged underwater. The third and final station is the 3-meter drop. Each cadet will defeat the fear of stepping off a 3-meter high diving board while blind folded and M16 in hand. To pass, the cadet must swim to the edge of the pool with the weapon.

Dining Out!

The Military Ball is a tradition which has been part of the battalion since it was established back in 1975. The event is a formal sit-in dinner, followed by recognitions, a guest speaker, and ending with live music. The guests consist of cadets and their dates, university faculty, and a VIP guest. This event is mainly focused on the recognition of the MS4s (seniors) for their hard work, and to congratulate them for their forthcoming commissioning. Other underclassmen are recognized and sometimes given awards. This is one event to look forward to.


Once a week- for MSL I and II cadets every wednesday. This program will make you a better citizen and it would give you great knowledge to be the best leader.

Two times a week – for MSL III and IV a comprehension and high paced cirrculum. This program will give you the tools and knowledge to be a leader in the military, your community, and in your personal life.


Once a week – Labs give you an opportunity to conduct battle drills, team building, exercises, and challenges you to through different scenarios to increase your confidence as a leader.

Physical Fitness training

As a leader, you must be physically fit to be able to meet the challenges of the program and the Army life if you decide to make the army a career.

Ocelot Ranger Club

Car Washes

One fundraiser the cadets enjoy doing is that of a car wash. The cadets will pick one weekend out of the semester to go out in the community and host a car wash. The proceeds from the car wash will go directly to the Cadet Fund for use in socials and the Military Ball.


We are fortunate to have some great cooks in the battalion. These cadets will go the extra mile to ensure the BBQs are gourmet style. They usually plan for a week what will be on the menu, who is in charge of cooking, and who will be bringing each item to the cookout. Rain or shine these cadets will stand outside until everyone is fed. Thank you guys!

Road Trips

Because of our small corps of cadets, those that stay with the program for more than one year grow to see each other as family while maintaining discipline and respect. Throughout the year a group of cadets will gather together to plan a road trip.


ROTC Students


Cadets playing basketball  

Cadets having fun

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