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The mission of C.B.S. at UTB is to encourage and foster research and education in biomedicine. The Center will have several affiliated centers that will concentrate research efforts in specific fields of biology, biotechnology and medicine, with special emphasis on problems relevant to the Lower Rio Grande Valley population. This includes research efforts on health issues relevant to the area but also biotechnological approaches that may contribute to the region’s development. The scientific approaches will be as varied as the interests of the individual researchers and will range from fundamental studies of biological function to hospital clinical trials. Clinical research will be performed in collaboration with associated hospitals. The Center faculty will educate UTB students in diverse biomedical-biotechnology fields and will create the appropriate programs to achieve this goal. The creation of C.B.S. will allow strong scientific interactions among scientists and students participating in the Center programs. Community outreach and education also is part of the Center mission. C.B.S.’s mission is an integral component of UTB’s mission of conducting “research which expands knowledge and to present programs of continuing education, public service, and cultural value to meet the needs of the community.” The pursuit of this goal will be facilitated by a flexible organizational structure that will be responsive to federal, state and university initiatives.

Thus, C.B.S. activities will include:


  • To discover the origins of human disease by furthering knowledge in the fields of biology and medicine.
  • To improve methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases, as well as promoting health in human beings.
  • To enhance selected areas of excellence in both basic and applied biomedical research.
  • To encourage research of international standing in both existing and emerging areas of biomedical research and biotechnology.


  • To support and encourage educational activities relating to the research interests of the Center.
  • To foster and develop university biomedical academic programs.
  • To educate UTB students and faculty in many areas of biomedicine and biotechnology


  • To collaborate with health science centers in establishing innovative therapeutic approaches.
  • Community Outreach To disseminate, within and outside the State, information concerning the work of the Center.
  • To educate the community about the major health problems of the region.
  • Microscope research Microscope research
  • Observation of lab work Observation of lab work
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