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"SSSP/ASPIRE has helped me by encouraging me to do well in all my classes and not to procrastinate. It has opened my eyes to see the reality of college, the difference from high school and all the opportunities there are for me. I would recommend it to other students because this program has helped me greatly and made a major impact on my grades."

Norma E. Hernandez,
UTB First Year Student



“If you are a student, like me, who is afraid to approach people or put yourself out there; then join the SSSP/ASPIRE Program. They helped me come to life and find the person that I am. With the individual attention in the tutor sessions, this helped build my confidence towards my studies. Their civic and cultural requirements showed me how I do make a change and how it affects others. To be a part of this program has made my college experience a success.”

Peter Block,
UTB Sophomore


“SSSP/ASPIRE has helped me to implement more focus and organization in my academic career. By asking me to complete a checklist of requirements while maintaining satisfactory academic progress with the university, I was able to find that I was capable of doing so much more that I had previously thought. I would definitely recommend the program to everyone who feels they need help with getting through college life.”

Jesus Calvillo,
UTB Junior


“I really, really appreciate the SSSP/ASPIRE program and what is has been doing for me. I encourage the participants to spread the word and join us in the program. I also encourage all the students in the university not to give up and inform them that there is always a friend, or a program, like ASPIRE, anxiously waiting to help.”

Maria Purata,
UTB Senior

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