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Upward Bound Services

Through the academic-year program, participants continue to receive academic and college preparation support services, offered typically on weekends or after the regular school day. In addition to the required summer program and academic-year program, projects may also have a summer bridge component for high school graduates planning to enter postsecondary education in the fall. Upward Bound stipends may be provided to all participants who participate on a full-time basis as evidenced by regular attendance and performance up to the standards established by the project.

The Classic Upward Bound Program is a federally funded program designed to assist high school students in grades 9th through 12th, develop their potential for success in a post-secondary institution.

The Classic Upward Bound Program consists of the following objectives:

  • assist students with high school graduation;
  • assist students with the identification, selection and admission into the college of their choice;
  • assist students in obtaining college financial assistance, if needed;
  • educate students on the college admissions and application process;
  • facilitate students’ exploration of career options;
  • teach students test taking and study skills;
  • teach students how to set goals and achieve them;
  • facilitate students’ personal growth and development;
  • facilitate the development of communication and leadership skills; and
  • encourage parental involvement

The Classic Upward Bound curricula will provide activities divided into three major phases (all required). Phase I, the fall and spring weekly tutorial component, is scheduled during the regular academic year. Phase II, also scheduled during the fall and spring semesters, is the Saturday component. Finally, Phase III is a six-week summer non-residential component.

The Classic Upward Bound Program staff will stay in touch with its graduates even after high school graduation. Students can expect to receive a telephone call, letter, or other form of personal contact from Classic Upward Bound staff once every college semester.

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