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Planning - Student Affairs Strategic Plan Summary

Mission of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs supports students' individual and interpersonal growth and contributes to their success as learners both in and out of the classroom. Programs promote proficiency in managing conflicts and disagreement, the ability to act in an ethical manner, the ability to make informed decisions about one's future, the capacity to work independently, the ability to act as a leader, and proficiency in the skills required to function effectively in the workplace.

University Strategic Goals

  • Expand knowledge through research
  • Promote excellence in teaching and learning
  • Provide accessible, affordable post-secondary educaiton
  • Advance academic and economic development for our region
  • Enhance student success

Student Affairs Strategic Goals

  • Build a culture of support and accountability
  • Enhance services to promote students' timely graduation
  • Increase student access to UTB
  • Prepare students to be effective leaders
  • Enhance services to improve campus life

Strategic Initiatives Student Affairs

  • Develop a research framework for decision making
  • Disseminate student data and information timely manner
  • Identify unique needs and characteristics of student population
  • Appoint SA Assessment committee
  • Implement standards for program review
  • Participate in conferences / training
  • Certify mentors/ tutors by CRLA
  • Learning outcomes plan on student success
  • Seek accreditation for Student Health Services
  • Provide summer camps
  • Build learning
  • Matriculation of pre-college programs
  • Recruit academic talent
  • Identify Scorpion Scholars
  • Enhance scholarships
  • Increase athletic program
  • Seek financial subsidies for residential students
  • Enhance student orientation
  • Student communication
  • Expand k-12 professional development opportunities
  • Expand community involvement
  • Implement Student Speaker Series
  • Promote diversity in students' educational experience
  • Support services for students on probation
  • Expand student services through technology
  • Student awareness of health and wellness
  • Student skill development
  • Develop student leadership
  • Expand student housing
  • Freshman convocation
  • STING mentors

Progress Indicators

  • Established Student Affairs Office of Research and Assessment.
  • Biennial Student Affairs Report Card
  • 100% of FTF will take DSA survey
  • Strategic map and framework
  • 100% completion of  CAS self assessment
  • 50% staff participation in professional organizations
  • 100% certification of tutors and mentors
  • 100% departments  with  learning outcome plan
  • 100% accreditation requirement
  • Increase  pre-college summer camp attendees
  • Increase learning communities from two to five
  • 70% matriculation pre-college programs
  • 80% of athletes college ready
  • Increase athletic programs from 6 to 8
  • 50% of residential students supported financially
  • 100% of FTF participate in orientation
  • Improve Noel-Levitz and NSSE ratings
  • Increase  number of educators attending professional development
  • Increase community contacts
  • Increase  students attending speaker series
  • Established multicultural committee with faculty
  • Increase graduation rate
  • Increase retention rate
  • Decrease students on probation
  • Increase of students with leadership experience
  • Increase of undergraduates enrolled full time  in STEMS
  • Increase of students with an internship or practicum experience
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