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Research and Assessment

The Office of Research and Assessment promotes a better understanding of UTB students and their experiences. Specifically, the office supports the work of the Student Affairs Division by:

  • Profiling current and changing student demographics and constituencies to help define priorities and directions.
  • Developing a means for evaluating the effectiveness of the allocation of division resources and their alignment with institutional and Division of Student Affairs priorities.
  • Promoting continuous quality improvement by supporting Student Affairs staff in the development of and methodology used to conduct ongoing and ad hoc effectiveness studies, thereby encouraging the division’s commitment to a "culture of evidence” for planning and decision making.
  • Developing a means for informing professional practice within the division based on student development theory.
  • Identifying and facilitating opportunities for enhancing professional capabilities and commitment of division staff.
  • Developing opportunities for collaboration with academic and other institutional units.

Each component of the Division of Student Affairs is responsible for developing and managing a:

  • Biennial Department Action Plan developed to support the UTB Strategic Plan, the Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan and to incorporate improvement objectives resulting from analysis of relevant data and information.
  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan focusing on the priority expected learning outcomes of the Division of Student Affairs and outlining assessment methodology and criteria for each department within the division.
  • Process of comprehensive program review of their department through a Program Self-Evaluation that guides compliance, effectiveness, efficiency and the integrity with which each department operates. Regular Peer Evaluation Program Reviews regularly follow the program self-evaluation, further demonstrating the division’s commitment to self-assessment and accountability.


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