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National Resource Center lists all institutions with second year planning:
The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition has as its mission to support and advance efforts to improve student learning and transitions into and through higher education. We achieve this mission by providing opportunities for the exchange of practical, theory-based information and ideas through the convening of conferences, teleconferences, institutes, and workshops; publishing monographs, a peer-reviewed journal, an electronic newsletter, guides, and books; generating and supporting research and scholarship; hosting visiting scholars; and administering a web site and listservs.
Institutions with Sophomore Programs

An article entitled Second-year program initiative strengthens sophomore experience
Sophomore year is a struggle-students are no longer grouped in the first-year experience, do not yet belong to a group defined by major and senior year looks a long way off.  Mike O'Neal, director of second-year programs, said he hopes to give sophomore students direction by increasing their connection to Miami University. One venue of marketing toward sophomores is through the second-year program Web site launched mid-March, O'Neal said. O'Neal added he has already been contacted by other universities who have visited the Web site and want more information. According to O'Neal, this year's first-years will be the first class affected by the sophomore on-campus living requirement. He said the new second-year programs are geared toward helping sophomores succeed academically and personally with the intention of increasing the sophomore retention rate.
Second-year program initiative strengthens sophomore experience

2008 National Survey of Sophomore-Year Initiatives
Over the last 10 years, many terms have been used to describe the experience of students in their second college year. Phrases such as the sophomore slump, invisible students, the lost year, the forgotten year, and the academy’s middle children appear throughout the higher education literature. Do these titles accurately describe the experience of sophomore students? How are institutions responding to the needs of these students? In 2005, the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition administered a national survey of institutional initiatives and programs specifically designed to support second-year students. The results from the 382 institutions participating in that exploratory study provided a comprehensive national portrait of sophomore-year initiatives in higher education and offered “insight into specific efforts, the administration of these efforts, related assessment data, and plans for future initiatives” (Tobolowsky & Cox, 2007a, p.13).
Executive Summary

2005 National Survey on Sophomore-Year Initiatives Methodology & Sophomore-Year Initiatives: An Institutional Overview and Institutional Examples
Preliminary Findings from the 2005 National Survey on Sophomore-Year Initiatives

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