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Scholarship award details

Scholarship Duration and Management

Award is applicable for eight consecutive fall and spring semesters for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The University Scholars scholarship applies funds that are not covered by other federal, state, institutional grant, scholarship, or other gift-aid program(s). Please note that this means that if you are awarded any aid, that aid will be applied first before our funds are applied. Our program always guarantees funding for tuition/fees and books and supplies, but will not always use our funds to pay for those costs directly.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees (unless noted) for 15 or more UTB credit hours of direct educational expenses are covered.

Books and Supplies  

Assistance for books are awarded.

On Campus Housing

Scholars program may provide partial housing assistance to up to 20 students at Casa Bella, our on-campus residential housing, for the fall and spring semesters only. Housing is not mandatory but if a student is not selected to resided at housing during their first semester, scholar funds will not cover the remaining semesters at housing.

Fees Not Covered

Award does not pay for the $50 Orientation Fee, $220 Housing Deposit and Application Fee, $60 Annual Parking Permit Fee, Late Registration Fee, Add and Drop Fees or any parking fines. Any damages caused by students while attending UTB are the responsibility of that student.

Student Loans

Any student loan a student receives will not be used toward a student’s cost.

Other Financial Scholarships, Grants and Aid

All students must exhaust any other sources of aid first before our funds are applied. All financial aid funds received by the student will be applied first before the University Scholar scholarship funds are applied. The Federal Financial Aid Pell Grant, Texas Grant, other grants, and any scholarships, waivers, sponsorships, or exemptions the student receives will be used to cover the initial cost (tuition, fees, books and housing) before the scholarship is applied. If all incoming aid, excluding the University Scholar Scholarship, exceeds the students cost, then the student keeps the remainder.

Please note this also applies to any financial aid or scholarships you receive at anytime during the semester. These awards will be applied retroactively as we receive them.


All students in the program must complete and turn in a FAFSA before March 15 of every year of participation in the program. All Financial Aid Documents, including verification process, must be cleared before July 1 of that year. The program coordinator will verify information through the financial aid office and University Scholar Scholarship award will not be processed if the file is incomplete.

Incentive Programs

Students receiving scholarship or stipends from incentives programs like the University Ambassadors, Civic Engagement Scholars, Student Government Association, and the Orientation Leaders will not have those funds applied first towards the students initial cost to attend our institution. The scholars will receive these funds in addition to the scholarship. The scholar will need to contact our office to let us know that they will be receiving these funds.



Students should take advantage of this program to its fullest. It’s a great opportunity that isn't seen everywhere, and you become a part of the university that will help you grow towards your future goals.” Alexandra Rodriguez, Scholar Class of 2014
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