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Upon acceptance to the program, scholars must meet certain requirements each semester to maintain their status in the program and continue receiving the scholarship. If a student fails to meet the requirements assigned, they will lose their scholarship and be removed from the program. They may also be responsible for the cost of classes taken and not completed.

Peer Mentoring

Scholars will establish a working personal trusting relationship with their mentor, who will guide them through their first year in college. Mentor/Mentee pairings will be assigned by the program advisor.

In their second year as a scholar, the student will become a peer mentor to an incoming first year scholar. This will help reinforce their learning experience and help them understand the relationship between being successful in college and helping others.

Scholar Student Advisors

Our office has two part-time student advisors who will be available to meet and answer any questions that the student scholar might have. They will meet with students to discuss progress toward graduation, academic progress, career exploration and development.

Faculty Mentoring

Once a student is in their junior and senior year (3rd and 4th year of the program) they will be asked to meet with a faculty mentor twice a semester until they graduate. The purpose of the meeting is to help the student with internships, graduate school, and career guidance.

Online Modules - Academic Success, Leadership, and Engagement

These modules are created to host and engage learning on topics important to academic and personal success, leadership, graduation, and the transition to college life.

UTB Events

Scholars will attend a set number of events depending on program classification. Events must be hosted by a UTB department.

Service Event

All scholars will be asked to participate in a scholar group service event that will be coordinated by our Junior and Senior scholars.

Career Exploration

Scholars in their first year of the program will complete the Choices Career Inventory and StrenghtsQuest. Junior and Senior scholars will be asked to meet with a Career Service Specialist for a mock interview, resume development, and attend a UTB job fair.

15 Hour Rule

All students in the program must register early for a minimum of 15 credit hours every fall and spring semester. Late registration must be approved by a program advisor. All students in the program must attempt and complete 15 credit hours per each fall and spring semester. Students who are not registered for 15 hours and have not received approval from a program advisor will not have the the scholarship funds applied to their account.

Drop Rule

Students are not allowed to drop any courses without prior written authorization from the program advisor. Failure to notify the program advisor of dropping a course will result in the loss of scholarship and suspension from the program. It will also result in repayment of the cost of the course dropped by the student.

Academic Standards: 3.0 GPA.

Our program starts to measures a student’s academic performance during the first long semester the student is awarded the scholarship. Students must maintain a GPA of a 3.0 each semester. 

Degree Plan

All students must turn in an updated copy of their degree plan at the end of every semester.


Scholars will be asked to submit the On-Track-To-Graduate form that will allow the program advisor to help ensure the scholars timely graduation.

Program Advisor Session

Scholars must meet with the Program or Scholar Student Advisor. First year students will meet three times each semester during their first year. During their second year students will meet twice a semester. Once they reach their Junior and Senior year they will meet once a semester.

Progress Reports

First and Second year scholars must turn in a Mid-Semester Progress Report by posted deadline, each semester for the first two years.

Semester Questionnaire

Scholar will be asked to complete surveys as needed.



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