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Faculty Officers (voting members)

Chair- Dr. Matthew Johnson, Associate Professor, Behavioral Sciences (CLA) (2009-2011)
Vice-Chair- Dr. Alma Rodriguez, Assistant Professor (COE) (2011-2014)

Faculty Members (voting members)

Ms. Consuelo Villalon, Assistant Master Technical Instructor (COBS&HP) (2010-2013)
Dr. Dianna Garcia-Smith, Assistant Professor – (CON) (2011-2014)
Dr. Qinyu Liao (School of Business) (2011-2014)

Administrative Members (nonvoting members)

Dr. Janna Arney, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Mikhail Bouniaev, Dean, College of Science, Mathematics and Technology
Dr. Javier Martinez, Interm Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Esteban Martin, Registrar Office
Ms. Rosie Pena, Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center
Ms. Aidee Park, Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center
Ms. Denise Lash, Senior Financial Aid Officer, Financial Aid Office

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