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Regents' outstanding teaching Awards

2011 Regents’  Awards

Irma S. Jones, Ed.D.
Department of Applied Business Technology

My biggest goal was to give back to the community that raised and educated me. I have received so much positive reinforcement as a professor that I have never doubted my choice of becoming a teacher. I always put myself in their shoes and think back about when I was sitting in the classroom on this campus. This award is dedicated to all my female professors and mentors that not only encouraged me but also assisted me in becoming the professor I am today.

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science

As teachers, we facilitate the conversation, and we ask the broad questions that move the conversation along. Out of the conversation comes transformation of the individual student, and ultimately, our community. As we continue to feel the effects of cuts in higher education, and in parallel, the associated push for external funding, we must not lose site that our charge as professors is that we are both researchers and educators.

2010 regents' Awards

Marvin G. Lovett, Ed.D.
Department of Business Administration

As I grew up on a farm in southern Iowa, I’ve always remembered my father, Grant, often quoting Will Rogers, a social commentator and entertainer well known during the early 1900s. One of Will Rogers's most famous lines, "I have never yet met a man that I didn’t like”. As I write about my teaching, I can honestly say that “I’ve never met a student I didn’t like”. Reflecting on one's role as an educator produces a great sense of pride. What an honor to be directly involved with a significant support mechanism for our society --Higher Education. The provision of an effective and efficient higher education provides a greater chance for upward socio-economic progress for our students, our local communities and our global community.

Michael O. Quantz, DMA
Associate Professor of Music
Department of Music

The best teaching always entails more than the knowledge of facts, it engages everyone involved in the process of discovery and reasoning through challenges. These are immensely valuable elements of strong individual character and human progress which can produce leadership in science, industry, art and society. Those qualities also serve as a shield against the fearful and violent forces that would limit the very freedom to pursue and share knowledge. The best teaching passes on what is honorable in us to both equip and inspire future generations.

UT System Regents' Outstanding Teaching Awards

  • Jones

  • Jones

  • Lovett

  • Quantz
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