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MBRS Rise Director, Dr. Eldon L. Nelson

Dr. Eldon L. Nelson joined UTB as the Dean for the School of Health Sciences in August 2000. Working with Dr. Jose Martin, Dr. Luis Colom and Dr. Gerson Peltz, he initiated biomedical research on the UTB campus. His work has led to the development of collaborations with several research-intensive institutions within Texas and beyond that have engendered programs of biomedical research involving dozens of faculty and students. Since receiving the research award in 2004, Dr. Nelson has served as the principle investigator and program director for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Minority Biomedical Research Support, Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (MBRS RISE) program, a $2 million progråam directed to encouraging minority students to engage in biomedical research while undergraduates and enter into doctorate studies of biomedical sciences as a career.

Dr. Nelson holds a Ph.D. degree form the College of Medicine at the University of Florida, where he developed his interests and skills in research and medicine. He has taught medical students, interns, residents and physicians as a faculty member of two medical schools.  He is a contributing author of two books and has published two dozen articles in peer-reviewed journals and in his fields of endocrinology, nephrology, neuroscience and medical education.

Dr. Nelson was a founding member of the UTB Center for Biomedical Studies (CBS) and serves as the chair of the Advisory Board. Since joining UTB, Dr. Nelson, serving as the appointed chair, developed and secured federal recognition of two university research oversight committees, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Biological, Chemical and Radiation Safety Committee. He serves as chair and co-chair for the Annual UTB Biosafety Workshop and Research Symposium. Dr. Nelson serves as an appointed member of the Public Advisory Board for the NIH Western Region Center for Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Diseases and as a member of the Council of Deans of the UTHSC-San Antonio Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science.

Eldon L. Nelson Ph.D.
Professor, UTB College of Biomedical Sciences and Health Professions

Special Assistant to the VP of Research
Director, MBRS RISE

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