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Department and Curriculum Overview

Globalization is strengthening our ties with peoples throughout the world. The study of languages and international cultures is essential in today's multicultural global society, particularly since it helps facilitate understanding and a greater exchange of material and intellectual resources. Students who yearn to discover and understand the world beyond their own borders, the Internet, or popular culture should consider, therefore, the programs offered in UTB’s Department of Modern Languages. 

The Department offers graduate and undergraduate degrees (major and minor programs) in Spanish; Translation and Interpreting; and French. It also offers certificate programs in Spanish as well as Translation and Interpreting. In addition, the Department also provides students with the opportunity to study other languages, such as: American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, and Japanese.

The Department is committed to provide the highest standards of instruction in modern languages, literatures, cultures, and the art and science of translation and interpreting. Learning a new language (whether in Translation ​or Literature courses) fosters not only refined communicative skills, but also a global perspective and appreciation for different cultures. Moreover, by studying languages, culture, history and current events pertaining to various target countries, students are exposed to new ways of thinking and hence both creative and critical thinking skills are cultivated. Our diverse faculty members engage and inspire students to learn languages, through small-size classes (both traditional and online); student-centered cultural clubs and activities; and study-abroad programs. In addition, all of our courses rely on technology and media to help students gain culturally appropriate communicative skills and to open a window onto the complex world in which we live. Finally, our Department offers a unique opportunity to be exposed to a truly bilingual and bicultural setting given that it is found literally next door to Mexico. 


The Department of Modern Languages Faculty

For further information, contact these faculty members in charge of the following programs: 

Dr. Suzanne LaLonde
Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor of French and French Minor Advisor

Ms. Ana Peña-Oliva
Spanish Undergaduate Program Coordinator

Dr. José Dávila
Associate Professor of Translation and Interpreting
Coordinator of AA, BA and MA programs in T&I 

Dr. Elena Vega-Sampayo
Associate Professor of Spanish
Coordinator of the MA program in Spanish

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