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Vienna is a cosmopolitan city, where one can find virtually any kind of cuisine desired. The local fare is excellent, and features classic Viennese dishes such as Wienerschnitzel (breaded veal steaks) and knödel (potato dumplings), a wide and varied selection of deserts and pastries (including the famous Sachertorte), and some of the best coffee that can be found anywhere. Even more exotic food, such as east European and Russian, can be found in abundance. On the other side of the coin, one can always find a McDonald’s if so desired!



Restaurants featuring a wide variety of foods can be found within walking distance of the hotel. And, of course, students can jump on the subway and experience the full selection of restaurants all over the city. However, a good way to save money is to prepare food at the hotel. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen, and there are at least ten stores in close proximity to the hotel where one can purchase food–from fruit and vegetable stands, to small convenience stores, to large grocery stores.


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