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Eric James, Ph.D.

Eric James, Ph.D. 

Eric James, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Health and
Human Performance



Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Kinesiology/Motor Control
M.S., University of Houston, Exercise Science/Motor Behavior
B.A., St. John Fisher College, Sociology


Eric James, Ph.D.

Teaching Interest:

Teaching interests include a broad range of topics including the biomechanical methods and tools for studying human movement. He also has a general i​nterest in human behavior, including health behaviors. He is also an instructor of Bujinkan Ninjutsu and the Feldenkrais Method of movement education.


HHPS 630Motor Control 
​KINE 1121 Self Defense 
KINE 1301 Introduction to Sports and Exercise Science 
KINE 3370 Biomechanics 
KINE 4311 Psychology of Sport and Exercise
KINE 5301 Special Topics in Health and Human Performance 

Area of Specialty and Responsibility:

My research agenda focuses on how the nervous system is organized to produce coordinated, efficient and harmonious movements. The theoretical approach used in my research is the dynamics systems theory that views human behavior and movement as an emergent property of a complex dynamic system. One focus of this approach is investigating the properties of movement variability and how the variability of movement patterns not only increases and decreases but can also contain varying degrees of structure depending upon factors such as task difficulty, age and health status.

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Spring 2015

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