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Personnel Committee


  1. The COE Personnel Committee handles all personnel actions coming from Departments based on the personnel action calendar and the internal deadlines for the College.
  2. It serves primarily to provide a faculty review of applications for merit, promotion and tenure that furnishes a professional evaluation from a broader perspective than the departmental evaluation and encourages departments and chairpersons to undertake their evaluations in a professional and fair manner.
  3. Establishes programs, activities and guidelines to support faculty efforts toward scholarship work and academic citizenship.
  4. Establishes guidelines for appropriate annual faculty evaluation appraisals and tenure and promotion decisions.
  5. It serves, also, as an advisory faculty committee to the Dean of the College of Education.

The College Personnel Committee should be elected by the faculty of each department in accordance with written policies, which have been approved by that faculty.  Members cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.  Candidates and untenured members of the faculty should not serve on such committees. The Dean of the College will be appointing one member from all faculty members of the College, or from another College of the University excluding chairs or faculty in administrative positions.

Personnel Committee
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