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Admission requirements

Admission to Teacher Education Requires:

  • An official application for admission to Teacher Education Program
  • Junior classification (49 or more non-developmental semester credit hours) with a minimum 2.50 grade point average overall;
  • Criminal History Check (will be conducted by the Office of Field Experience)
  • $50 Application fee (paid to the Business Office when registering for EPSY 4322)
  • Completion of the following general education courses with a minimum 2.50 grade point average:
    • 9 hours of English with a minimum grade of “C” in each freshman English course, speech with a minimum grade of “B”
    • 6 hours of history
    • 6 hours of government
    • 3 hours of college math (1314, 1324 or higher level math course with a minimum grade of “C”
    • 6 hours of modern language
    • 8 hours of laboratory science
    • 3 hours of art or music (EC-6 programs require MUSI 1304)
    • 3 hours of Social/Behavioral Science (History program requires PYSC 2301)
    • 1 hour of Kinesiology 
    • EDCI/EDUC 1301 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
    • EDCI/EDUC 2301 Introduction to Special Populations
    • A minimum score of 500 on the written of 173 on the computerized version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for foreign students. (see catalog)
  • ACT: Composite score of 19/ or SAT: Composite score of 910- Required Fall 2012 (Effective Fall 2013)
  • Compass: reading-87, Math-39, Writing-59 & Essay 6(all three sections must be successfully completed)
  • Oral Interview
  • Math-Science majors must complete 15 CH and content coursework prior to clear admission
  • Students may lack a maximun of 9 hours core curriculum courses at time of application(applies for a conditional admission only)
  • Compass, ACT (19) or SAT(910)are required for all transfered students
  • Note: The application for Admission to Teacher Education will be denied if either of the following requirements have not been met:
    • 2.75 minimum overall GPA (effective Fall 2014)
    • 2.75 minimum General Core GPA (effective Fall 2014)

See Admission Checklist (fill out and print)

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