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The Department of Mathematics considers the research efforts of its faculty as part of its commitment towards the development of a full-fledged academic entity. Research as well as teaching are understood to be intrinsically tied to each other. The belief in the profit of each of these two constituents of all academic efforts for the other one builds the fundament of the institutional strength of the department. The continuous exchange of research results with other academic institutions are considered as part of the indispensable endeavours of the department.

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ArrowApplied Mathematics

Dr. Ranis N. Ibragimov

Research Interest: My research concentrates in the areas of applied nonlinear partial differential equations, nonlinear waves and ocean & atmospheric modeling. The main goal of my research is to understand better the nonlinear wave processes governing the dynamics of the ocean and what effects internal waves have on our environment. Overall, my research is numerically oriented and theoretical in nature. One of the key features in my approach is the combination of the approximate forms of the governing equations in mathematical modeling with careful and precise analysis. The approximations are required to make any progress possible, while precision is demanded to make the progress meaningful.

Currently I am working on  the development of the dissipation mechanism within internal wave field in the ocean. The current project is aimed to contribute to a better observational knowledge of the spatial and temporal distribution of mixing than achieved to date.
My recent research in industrial and interdisciplinary mathematics involves numerical and experimental work on enhanced oil recovery and material flammability  under microgravity and partial gravity conditions. 
My research in Mathematical Physics involves Lie group analysis of nonlinear differential equations with applications to real world problems. In particular, my recent research was related to invariant solutions as internal singularities of nonlinear differential equations and their use for qualitative analysis of implicit and numerical solutions.
I also involve undergraduate students in publishable research. 
I keep myself open looking for potential opportunities for collaboration and at the same time to acquire knowledge and experience in other disciplines. Read more. 

Recent Publications

E-mail/Phone: 956-882-6672
Office: SET-B 2.542


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