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4+1 BS/ BA + MPH

Undergraduate degree with master's degree option

The University of Texas School of Public Health (UTSPH) is pleased to announce a 4+1 program with the University of Texas Brownsville (UTB). This program is intended to provide students with an undergraduate major in Biology, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Mathematics or Psychology an option to continue on to a master’s degree in public health in less time than it would take to complete both programs separately.

UTB students in the selected undergraduate degree programs will have an opportunity to apply to and enroll in the 4 + 1 program during their third full year of coursework and begin taking selected graduate courses throughout their 4th and final year of undergraduate studies.  Students will graduate with a UTB undergraduate degree in their selected major course of study, but will also have the opportunity to complete a master’s degree in public health at UTSPH in one additional calendar year of full –time classes instead of the customary 2 years. 

The curriculum for this joint program will include required courses from the student’s major, a series of courses described as guided pre-public health track electives and the completion of the core content areas (16 credits/5 courses) from the UT School of Public Health. These courses will apply toward the master’s degree.

Upon graduation from UTB, students continue in the Master of Public Health program. Students who do not wish to continue with the master’s degree will simply graduate from their program with a bachelor’s degree from UTB and graduate certificate in public health from UTSPH upon completion of the 5 core public health courses.



UTSPH Brownsville Regional Campus

Ken Sexton, Ph.D.
Director, 4+1 Program
Brownsville Regional Campus


Claudia H. Heimmermann
Coordinator of Admissions

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