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What is the Student Advisory Council at CSMT?

The Student Advisory Council at CSMT (SAC-CSMT) is a group of CSMT’s majors, nominated by departments and the university students body representatives, and approved by the college executive council, who assumed responsibility to work with faculty and the college administration to promote and achieve the college mission and vision, and represent the CSMT’s students in the shared governance process.

The SAC-CSMT will fulfill the idea of facilitating higher education: students must be thought of as participants in, not merely recipients of, the educational process.

These students are initiating and carrying through projects to make changes in the college.

The duties and responsibilities of the SAC-CSMT members include though not limited to:

  • To build communication network to share educational information about CSMT among all students and community members;
  • To initiate project and participate in the projects aimed at achieving the college’s strategic goals and objectives;
  • To determine annual priorities for the SAC-CSMT that contribute to the college’s strategic goals;
  • To Debate college wide educational issues and advise the Dean on these issues;
  • To facilitate students’ discussion of college goals, objectives, challenges, and achievements; to facilitate students’ participation in fulfilling the college mission and vision ;
  • To build infrastructure to students to address college issues, for example: develop informational publications for students, elect/select programs advisory boards and councils;
  • Disseminate information to CSMT students that will help them to achieve their educational objectives and/or portrait a positive image of the college;
  • Develop annual implementation plan and select the areas of the college strategic plan where SAC-CSMT will be contributing to;

All members must commit to:

  • Attending the monthly meetings
  • Actively participate in work group activities , and
  • Completing tasks between scheduled meetings.

The chairperson of SAC-CSMT represents the needs and the ideas of all students in CSMT and is a communication link from the Deans to the SAC.

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