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What is UTeach?

UTeach is an innovative teacher preparation program that allows mathematics or science majors to receive teacher certification while earning a degree in mathematics or science. This nationally-acclaimed program was developed at The University of Texas at Austin and has been replicated throughout the country.

The UTeach Institute has developed resources and support materials for all operational and instructional aspects of the UTeach model. Universities replicating UTeach receive direct and individualized support, including access to the UTeach Operations Manual; UTeach curriculum, student work samples, and support materials; and support events, including course workshops and retreats, topical Webcasts, the annual UTeach Institute-NMSI Conference, and UTeach Open House. Each university replicating UTeach also is assigned a specific site coordinator, who provides technical assistance and serves as the primary point of contact for approximately six universities.

The Institute also has developed a comprehensive plan for evaluating UTeach program implementation on these campuses. Operational evaluation services include biannual site visits to collect and share programmatic data; facilitation of various online student surveys; and preparation of quantitative and qualitative reports on progress at individual campuses, regionally, and nationally. Instructional evaluation services include course observations and reviews of course materials for all UTeach model courses. In addition to reporting to funders, the Institute seeks to share implementation data with universities themselves to help inform local programmatic decision making.

Who should try UTeach Brownsville?

Students interested in teaching or in adding another option to their mathematics or science degree. UTeach Brownsville degree plans are rigorous enough for graduate school or medical school and do not take any longer to complete than a non-teaching degree.

  • Science Student in LabEarn a Teacher Certification
    in Science
  • Math StudentEarn a Teacher Certification
    in Math
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