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Time Line for Choosing a Learning Management System

Below is a timeline for the process of choosing a learning management system. This process is open to all. We want to provide a voice to faculty and give equal opportunity to the three exceptional companies we have narrowed the search to.

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  • MayUpgrade to new Blackboard! To give Blackboard a fair chance, committee reports will not be due until we have had an opprotunity to evaluate the new Blackboard features.
  • March May Workshops and trainings for the upgrade to the new Blackboard.
  • March D2L will present to Deans and Chairs
  • February Companies are asked to submit quotes and complete rubric of features.
  • February Desire2Learn visit to UTB. Faculty can request a sandbox, a test account, to learn firsthand how D2L can be used.
  • January Blackboard visit to UTB to show us the new, improved Blackboard format. The upgrade is scheduled to happen May. Workshops and trainings will be conducted this spring.
  • January Center for Teaching and Learning developed a course for faculty to learn how Canvas works. If you would like to be included on the CTL course contact
  • December Diana Dominguez developed an online course using Canvas
  • November Goldsmith and Ramirz meet with Blackboard to express concerns and challenges
  • November Canvas visit to UTB
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