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Finding vUTB and Starting Activities

With your viewer open, put the following SURL (Second Life URL) into your browser.

It will bring up a map in your browser. Click on Visit this Location. Now look at your viewer. This will make a panel appear in your SL viewer. At the bottom of that panel click on Teleport. This will take you to the Sandbox.

To make sure you can get back to vUTB you will need to create a Landmark. Go to World at the top of the viewer and click on Worldthen click Landmark this Place. This will create a landmark that will go in your Landmark Tab. Click on this every time you want to come back to vUTB.

At the Sandbox you will see a yellow and a green box. Right click on these and then click on Open. Read the notecards on how to wear and how to rez objects. You will also get a landmark to YaNdi's Junkyard where you will receive lots of free things.

If you have a class assignment, you will find a box with your materials in it at the Sandbox.

You will also receive a copy of the vUTB covenant (rules for using vUTB). Remember that while on vUTB you are to be professional, but you can still have fun, at all times.

To your right is the Free Center and to its right is the Tutorial Center. Be sure and visit these places.

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