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Technology Supported Learning Committees

Committees are formed from interested faculty who volunteer their time to serve. Most of the communication is online to keep input large and meetings infrequent. Committees are formed with the assistance of Isai Ramirez, Associate‚Äč CIO. If you wish to participate on a committee or be informed of the process and events, please contact or

Below are lists of faculty committees that will be reviewing software, hardware and other technology for teaching and learning.

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Learning Management System

  • Mary Curtis, Education
  • Rene Corbeil, Education
  • Kevin Buckner, Criminal Justice
  • Mimosa Stephenson, English
  • Mark Blakemore, Business
  • Kip Hinton, Education
  • Sam Pan, Education
  • Clara Downing, Business
  • Diana Dominguez, English
  • Sheila Dooley, English
  • Ming-Tsan Lu, Education
  • Sally Roach, Nursing
  • Ava Miller, Nursing
  • Sandra Musanti, Education

Apple Committee

This committee is currently working on the Apple RFP's and creating an evaluation plan for the projects.

For information on this committee, contact

  • Janna Arney, Provost Office
  • Philip Samponaro, History
  • Dania Lopez Garcia, Modern Languages
  • Gregorio.Garcia, Education
  • Reynaldo Ramirez, Education
  • Joseph R. Corbeil, Education
  • Maria Elena Corbeil, Education
  • Sam Pan, Education
  • Janice Butler, Education

Software Committee

The goal of this committee is to look at all the software purchases and find ways to consolidate, combine, and host software to increase access to faculty and decrease costs to departments and UTB.

This committee is being formed and seeking volunteers.

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