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Safe Assign

plagiarism Safe Assign is a free program for students to check their papers for plagiarism. Students can submit papers and within 24 hours, they learn what materials are plagiarized. Through this process they learn what plagiarism is, how they can correctly reference works, and make them aware that plagiarism is not acceptable.

By using the electronic tool, Safe Assign you can concentrate more on evaluating what your students know, not what some Internet author knows. No more Plagiarism Police for you. Through this submission process students use this tool to learn what plagiarism is and how to correctly reference works. The tool makes them aware that plagiarism cannot be hidden. It is a winning process for all.

In order to incorporate Safe Assign in your writing assignments you will need to:

  • Require students submit papers to Safe Assign before they submit the paper to you, save their comments and turn them with their final paper. If you are using Smart Thinking also (wise choice) then ask them to submit that before they submit the paper there.
  • Notify students that submissions must be done with enough time to make their edits before they submit the paper to you. The deadline will not be changed if they neglected to accomplish this task to meet the deadline.

Click here for information to add to your syllabus and assignment description.

Safe assign is supported by Online Learning. Click here to go to their support pages. ​​

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