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In keeping with the mission of The University of Texas at Brownsville, the Master of Science in Nursing Program faculty believe:

  1. Excellence is foundational to the delivery of graduate education to a diverse group of eligible professional nurses in the community
  2. Leadership in effective and innovative graduate-level nursing education is vital to our community
  3. The quality of the education to our constituents is accomplished by continuous assessment and application of findings to enhance program improvement
  4. Students are empowered to learn through active learning strategies
  5. The holistic educator is committed to both the art and science of nursing practice and education
  6. Excellence in the classroom is grounded in evidence-based teaching, innovation, and diverse teaching methodologies
  7. Development of effective therapeutic communication skills is built on congruence with cultural values and beliefs
  8. Human caring is the essence of nursing and each student has the right to respect, dignity, confidentiality, privacy and to make choices relevant to personal goals
  9. The curriculum is delivered within the mission, vision and philosophy, policies and procedures to strive toward highest standards of graduate education
  10. Faculty and graduate students engagement in community service and research projects develops professional growth and skill in collaboration, resource management, and program development



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