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Hospital Orientation Instructions

  1. View the following Powerpoint Ethics, Compliance, Fire and Electrical

    • Ethics and Compliance in the Healthcare Setting
    • Privacy and Security (HIPAA rules)
    • Fire and Electrical Safety
    • CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines;
      OSHA Blood borne Pathogens;
      Standard Precautions;
      Transmission-Based Precautions
    • Chemical, Radiation and Biological Hazards
    • Ergonomics

  2. View the following Powerpoint Emergency Preparedness and Workplace Violencer

    • Disaster/Emergency Preparedness
    • Workplace Violence Prevention

  3. View the following Powerpoint Infection Control

    • TB Protection for Healthcare Workers
    • Patient Safety Culture

  4. View the following Powerpoint HIPAA AND HITECH Education

    • HIPAA and High Tech

  5. View the following Powerpoint Safety

    • National Agenda on Patient

  6. Sign and return both Hospital Verification Form and HIPPA Confidentiality Statement.
  7. Complete On-Line Quiz
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