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Alumni Profile

Maria M. Guerrero, UTB Alumnus

Enrique Mena
Project Manager
Keppel AmFELS


• M.S. Manufacturing Engineering (UTPA, 2007)
• B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology (UTB and TSC, 2005)


Keppel AmFELS


Project Manager

How did UTB help you get where you are today?

“UTB is a very complete school that provided me an education not only scholastically but also morally. The engineering programs that UTB offered involve all aspects of work life. It included theory but also included hands-on experience that really helped me.”

What is your fondest memory of your time at UTB?

“Every moment at UTB was great. From the tough times when I spent nights studying for the test or doing homework, to the happy times when I felt that sense of friendship with all the people who surrounded me. I met wonderful people like my wife.”

Advice for current students:

“If you can dream it, you can do it. There will be hard times, but education is all you can treasure. If something goes wrong in your life, the only thing you will never lose is that, your education. ”

Maria M. Guerrero, UTB Alumnus
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