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Quality work takes time. We want to give you our best. Working within our deadlines helps this happen:

• We manage deadlines to meet your needs.

• All deadlines begin when you turn in your text, artwork and photos to your Creative Services project lead.

• If you use an off-campus printing vendor, two more weeks will be added to the deadline to accommodate the bidding process and press work.

• If your project includes non-English text, add one day to the project deadline for every 250 words to be written, edited or translated. All non-English text will be written, translated or edited by the Office of Translation and Interpreting, which will submit per-word charges to your department.

Small jobs (two weeks):

• Ads
• Print and design directional signs
• Print already designed posters
• Design forms
• Design letterhead
• Print name tags
• Editing 1-10 pages of text


Medium jobs (one month):

• Design and in-house printing of posters
• Brochures, pamphlets, flyers, etc.
• Displays
• Invitations
• Programs
• Logos
• Editing 11-30 pages of text


Big jobs (two months):

• Departmental marketing campaign
• Series of brochures 
• Books or booklets (more than 24 pages) 
• Specialty items
• Environmental graphics
• Editing 30 or more pages of text

See “Plan a Project” to get started.

To discuss your project needs and deadlines, please contact Creative Services at 956-882-8231 or one of the following:




Creative Services
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