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Frequently Asked Questions

How will employees log in to PeopleSoft

Employees will log in to PeopleSoft using the Single Sign-on credentials. Since employees already know and use these credentials to log in to SharePoint sites, the BA Portal, etc., we will not be re-issuing credentials prior to go live.  The link to log in to PeopleSoft will be available on the PeopleSoft Project website. Since this is a shared implementation, users will first have to select their institution.

The first screen will look similar to this:

UT Share login.

Once the institution has been selected, users will need to enter their single sign-on credentials:

Shibbolet log-in screen requesting username and password. 
Username: Initials of your first and last name followed by seven-digit DateTel Employee ID number (e.g. AB1234567).

Password: Your UTB password.

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Will my Employee ID change?

Yes. You will be assigned a new Employee ID in PeopleSoft. However, you will still use your current UTB Employee ID to log in through Shibboleth. You will need to use the new Employee ID to create transactions in PeopleSoft, such as Requisitions, Travel, Employee Reimbursements, etc. You will also need to enter this new Employee ID on any form that we still process on paper.

Since our contingency plan calls for preparing for a parallel payroll for the month of May (both in DataTel and in PeopleSoft), there will be a need for Payroll personnel to enter certain transactions in both systems. Therefore, the Absence Report form, Timecards, RHFs and CPAs will require both employee IDs. Starting June 1st, these processes will only require the PeopleSoft ID.

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How will employees obtain their PS Employee ID and will they need it to log in to PeopleSoft?

Prior to Go Live, each employee will receive an email from with their PeopleSoft ID. Employees will not need to remember their PeopleSoft ID in order to log in to the system since we will be using the Single Sign-on feature.

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When will PeopleSoft be available for entering transactions (Front Office Use)?

The project “Go Live” date is May 1st, 2014. Data conversion from our existing platform to PeopleSoft was originally scheduled to be completed by May 2, 2014, with data validation occurring on May 3 – 4, 2014.  We have now been informed that conversion will not be completed until May 3, 2014 followed by validation on May 4 - 5, 2014.  As a result, the system will not be available until May 6, 2014. 
The change in schedule will result in one more additional day that the new system will not be available. However, UT Brownsville staff will continue to work in coordination with UT System Administration throughout this period to ensure system readiness.

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What can I do if I was able to log in to PeopleSoft but I get an error when I try to perform certain functions?

Access to PeopleSoft functionality is managed based on roles.  All employees will automatically be assigned Level 1 access. Depending on the function of their positions, they may be assigned Levels 2 - 4. Levels 5 - 7 are back office roles designated for Business Affairs personnel. Click here for a matrix describing each role.

Each division head was asked to assign the appropriate access level to each employee in their area. If you recently transferred to a new position within the University or your responsibilities have changed and you need to obtain a different level of access, please submit a request using the Request for Access portal.

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I am not a Peer Trainer; thus, I have not attended any of the training sessions. What resources are available to me to learn how to use PeopleSoft?

Round One of training included a group of about 90 employees from across campus who were identified by their division head. We will open up training for the rest of the campus once the system after May 6th, when the system is available for front office use.

Most departments on campus have employees that are part of Round One of training. However, if you are not one of those departments, we have a variety of resources available that explain how to use PeopleSoft. These resources are available on the Training Resources website. Also in that website, you will find a listing of the employees that have attended each training session. The list can be filtered by division and department. Please contact an employee from the list and ask them to provide you with one-on-one training.  You may also want to review the User Productivity Kit (UPK) and training presentations, which are also posted on the website. UPK is an on-demand training tool that has step by step instructions on how to create forms (requisitions, travel, etc.) in PeopleSoft.  A PeopleSoft account is not needed to use the UPKs.

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Where can I find the PeopleSoft equivalent of my current DataTel cost centers?

A Cost Center Crosswalk is available on the Budget Office and the Training Resources websites. The Crosswalk works similar to the Online Directory where the list is filtered based on the information entered in the search field. You can filter the list of cost centers by entering any of the available fields, such as: DataTel Account, Cost Center Name, Department Manager, Manager Alternate or PeopleSoft Department Field, etc.

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How many years of data from DataTel will be migrated to PeopleSoft?

Two years of data will be migrated (current and previous fiscal year). Data for previous fiscal year will be in summary format.

Any DataTel reports, inquiry forms, maintenance forms, and Informer reports that display Human Resource information (such as job title, employee type, employee class, salary, etc.) or Financial Information (such as general ledger accounts, general ledger account balances, purchase order information, voucher information, etc.) will no longer be updated after April 30, 2014.  

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Will MyUTB Online be shut down after PeopleSoft goes live?

No. Although, the current PeopleSoft implementation focuses on the financial and human resources aspects of our ERP, we will continue to use DataTel for student functions. Therefore, MyUTB Online will continue to be available after Go Live.

Your personal information (such as W-2s, emergency contact information, etc.), current as of the time of conversion, will continue to be available on MyUTB Online. However, any changes to personal information starting next week must be entered in the Employee Self Service module in PeopleSoft. Please review this PowerPoint presentation or this UPK for instructions on updating your personal information in PeopleSoft.

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Will I be able to update my banking information for Direct Deposit purposes in PeopleSoft?

Beginning May 6, 2014, you will be able to use the Employee Self Service module in PeopleSoft to view and edit personal data, including W4 tax information, emergency contact, and paycheck detail.

Additional online security measures are being put in place across the UT System to protect your banking information. For now, if you need to change your bank account or bank routing information, our Payroll area is available to help. Just submit a new direct deposit authorization form along with a copy of a voided check to Payroll. You can find the form and related instructions here.

We will let you know when these additional security measures have been implemented in our UTShare PeopleSoft system so can make future changes to this information on your own. Additional ways to keep your personal and financial information safe include:

  • Never reply to email, text, or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information, even if it is marked as “URGENT”.
  • Do not click on links within emails or pop-up messages requesting your personal or financial information.
  • No one from our campus or UT System will ever ask you for your password – ever. If someone calls or emails you requesting your password information, please do not provide it. Instead, contact IT security.
  • Never share your password or post it in a place where others might find it.

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How do I sign up for training?

The first round of training is targeted for a group of about 90 individuals from across all units on campus. These individuals were identified by their division heads to receive training and serve as a resource to other staff in their areas. Notifications on training sessions scheduled are sent to these employees via email with a link to a registration page.

After Go Live, a calendar of available training sessions will be posted on the Training Resources website with links to register for each session. Notices of available training sessions will also be included in the weekly Announcements and sent by email to contacts at each division.

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What should we do if we have POs that are open at the time of conversion?

Outstanding Purchase Orders (POs) at the time of conversion (end of April 2014) will not be converted from DataTel to PeopleSoft. Each unit will be responsible for entering requisitions in PeopleSoft so that POs can be created by Purchasing. This should be done shortly after May 6th when the system is available for the Front Office users. To avoid POs being sent to the vendor again and creating repeat orders, we ask that you add the following wording in the comments section of the requisition and/or add a copy of the existing DataTel PO as an attachment:

“Re-entering requisition for existing PO in DataTel PO#xxxxxx.”

We will be holding several “Requisition Huddles” throughout the day on May 6th and on the days following conversion. These huddles will be an opportunity for departments to enter requisitions to re-create POs that were outstanding at the time of conversion. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Purchasing area will be available to assist and answer questions. The huddles are not training sessions.

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How will I process reimbursements for travel for the period after the Travel Reimbursements Cutoff date (April 25th) and before PeopleSoft is available (May 6th)?

To process reimbursements for travel that took place prior to the Go Live date, submit a Travel Reimbursement using the current form to Any travel that takes place after the system goes live on May 6th, will need to be entered in PeopleSoft. Note: the Travel Module does not allow you to “back date” Travel Authorizations. You must create a Travel Authorization prior to the first date of travel. For additional information and training materials, visit the Training Resources website.

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Which system will we use to enter personnel actions (enter RHFs, CPAFs, etc.)?

We will continue to use the BA Portal to create Recommendations to Hire, Change of Personnel Actions, etc. This functionality will be available in PeopleSoft in Sequence 1, which will go live in fall 2014.

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Which system will employees use to access their W-2 for Tax Year 2013?

W-2s for Tax Year 2013 will be available from MyUTB Online. W-2s will be available through PeopleSoft starting with Tax Year 2014.

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Which other UT institutions will be moving to PeopleSoft

UT Arlington, San Antonio, Permian Basin, Tyler, El Paso and UT System are all moving to PeopleSoft within our same timeline. UT Dallas has already implemented PeopleSoft.

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Will our student information system (Colleague) be converted to PeopleSoft?

Not at this time. PeopleSoft will only be used for finance and Human Resources (HR) business. The PeopleSoft module equivalent (Campus Solutions) was purchased, but at this time it will not be implemented. UT Dallas, Tyler, and Arlington have implemented the student information system within PeopleSoft.

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What is UTShare

The University of Texas System Shared Services Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management System (FMS) Implementation Project that will replace DEFINE and DATATEL, the current HR and FMS Information Systems used by the participating institutions. The UT System Administration and the following institutions are participating in this effort: UT Arlington, UT Brownsville, UT Dallas, UT El Paso, UT Permian Basin, UT San Antonio, UT Tyler and UT System Administration. UT Dallas was the pilot institution and is in production. When complete, all eight participants will be in a single instance of PeopleSoft HCM/FMS.

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Who do I contact for additional information?

Contact our Training Leads: Mary Hernandez or Jose Luis Quezada if you have questions or have suggestions on additional information that you would like to see added to this website.

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Jose Luis Quezada

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