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The University of Texas (UT) System has initiated a contract with NextJob to provide outplacement job services to eligible employees affected by the Reduction In Force. These beneficial services are available at no charge. Please call the Employee Help Center for more information.

The NextJob team is dedicated to helping employees find a new job quickly. Using an approach tailored to your individual needs and job goals, a specialized team of coaches will work with you through of a variety of means, including phone calls, emails and on-line meetings to coach and train you through your transition and search.  With that goal in mind, we provide the following services to the job seeker:

  • One-on-one job coaching.
  • Professional help in creating an effective resume, cover letter and marketing plan.
  • Training and preparation for interviewing.
  • Recommendations to the best job listings and networking opportunities in the job seeker's local market.
  • Guidance to the hidden job market that represents 80% of all jobs.
  • Training in the latest and most effective internet job searching tools and techniques.

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