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HIRING Process and Forms

The following procedures and forms are required to hire full-time staff and faculty.
  1. Upon selection of the successful job candidate, the hiring department prepares and submits the Hiring Packet directly to Human Resources. The Hiring Packet includes the following:
    1. Candidate Selection Report
    2. Selection Matrix
    3. List of the job interview questions asked of all applicants. Download Guideline for Interview Questions
    4. Reference Check Authorization Release and Reference Check Form
    5. Criminal Background Check Form, signed by the candidate
    6. Candidate’s job application, resume or CV, and any other application materials, plus all other job applications reviewed by the department
    7. Sample Offer Letter for Staff Positions
  2. The Online Recommendation for Hire Form (RHF) must be completed and submitted through the approval queue as indicated on the form. The actual start date of employment is contingent upon submission of the Hiring Packet to Human Resources AND the approval of the RHF through the approval queue. Hiring departments are advised to propose a start date that gives sufficient time for RHF approvals. Human Resources will approve and advise the hiring department of the actual date of hire and to make the job offer to the candidate. Departments are advised that job offers cannot be made until notification is sent by Human Resources to the hiring department.
  3. Typically, written job offers are given to administrators and faculty. For other staff, a written confirmation of the job position, salary, and employment start date is not required, but is acceptable. The following guidelines apply:
    1. Offer letters for administrators
    2. Offer letters and appointment letters for faculty are prepared by the Provost Office.
    3. Written job offer confirmations for staff are not required but may be given to the candidate. A written confirmation should acknowledge the candidate’s acceptance of the offer, job title, date of hire, and salary. Contact Human Resources for a template of the confirmation letter.
  4. Note that new employees, including current employees who are being transferred or promoted within the university, cannot work until:
    1. all hiring documents, Hiring Packet and RHF, have been received and approved by Human Resources and,
    2. all Onboarding Documents, as noted below, are completed and submitted by the new employee to Human Resources on first day of employment
  5. The Onboarding Process requires the completion of required employment and payroll paperwork such as the I-9, W-4, and other disclosure forms. All Onboarding Documents are available on the Human Resources website so that the newly hired employee can complete the paperwork beforehand and take it to Human Resources on the first day of employment. Hiring managers are asked to refer the newly hired employee to the Human Resources website or directly to the Welcome New Employees / Onboarding website at the time the job offer is made so that the employee can begin the Onboarding Process as soon as possible.
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