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Exchange Visitor Program
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How and by whom are the participants selected?
    A written recommendation is prepared by the department chairperson, program director or in the case of a grant the primary investigator. Attached to the recommendation is relevant information about the participant including a Curriculum Vitae and an explanation outlining the benefits to the participant and to the institution. This information is sent to the Dean of the School or College for approval.  The recommendations are then sent to the Provost for final approval.
  2. What criteria are used in the selection process?
    The participant must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach the course work that is assigned.
    Research Scholars must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute to the research project that they will be involved with.
  3. If the participant is being admitted to an educational institution, what are the admission requirements?
    Not applicable. The categories of Professor and Research Scholar do not require admission to the University.
  4. How much previous education or training is required of the participants?
    The requirements would be the same as for any person performing the same tasks at the University.
  5. Will English language training be a part of the program?  
    Participants are required to possess a sufficient proficiency in the English Language to enable them to participate in their program and to function effectively in an English speaking environment.
    The University offers several programs in English as a Second Language.  Curriculum Guides attached.

Program Costs /Fees and Deposits/Refunds

  1. Provide all costs/fees charged to the participants; such as administrative costs, room and board, transportation, insurance, salary, etc.

Participants in the categories for which we are applying are responsible for travel costs from their home country to the University.  For example, a visiting professor would receive compensation at the rate paid to any faculty member with the same Rank/Title. Compensation for the Research Scholar participants would be comparable to that paid to a Research Assistant or Research Scientist dependent on their level of experience in their discipline. All compensation is pro-rated based on length of stay.

Short-term Scholar participants will receive a stipend that will be determined by the length of stay and need for local accommodations. The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College do have a unique geographical location that does influence the stipend amount in some instances.  We are located one block from the US/ Mexican border. The University has cooperative education programs with Universities in Mexico that support an exchange of faculty, students and resources. Frequently our exchange visitors from Mexico prefer to live at home in Matamoros, Mexico, which is contingent to Brownsville, and commute to the campus daily for the duration of their participation. Stipend amounts can range from $1,200 to $1,500 for this category.

There are no program fees or other charges to participants.

  1. Participants do not work outside of the program

Sources of financial support include but are not limited to University support, private, public and government agencies, groups and organizations and private funds. 

Cost for required insurance coverage’s is the responsibility of the exchange visitor.

Minimal cost medical insurance is available through the University’s student health program that meets the agencies requirements. Information on repatriation and medical evacuation coverage is given to all participants and is available through International SOS Assistance, Inc. at reasonable cost.

Orientation:  Participants are required to attend the same three-day orientation that all staff and students attend. Orientation topics include, history of the local area, a review of University policies, benefits and activities, a tour of the campus, etc. Exchange visitors are assigned a faculty mentor who will assist them in assimilating into our unique bicultural community.

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