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The policy of the University of Texas at Brownsville requires all International Visitors and their eligible accompanying family members to have medical/health care coverage for their entire period of stay.  You are required to enroll yourself and your eligible accompanying family members through the University unless you waive coverage which requires showing proof of coverage under a comparable program from your country.

In order to waive coverage through the University, you must provide proof of medical coverage purchased through your home country.  Acceptable proof of coverage is a photocopy of one of the following, plus a photocopy of your health care plan identification card.

A. your insurance policy naming you as the insured; or
B. a letter from the insurance company stating your benefits.

These documents must be written in English and monetary units expressed in U.S. dollars.  To qualify as comparable, the policy must contain the following minimum requirements:

  • $ 50,000 benefits per accident or illness (including maternity)
  • Deductible amount not to exceed $500 annually
  • $7,500 for repatriation of remains in case of death
  • Expense associated with medical evacuation to visitor’s home country in the amount of $10,000

If you purchased health insurance from your home country and the benefits are not clearly outlined and do not meet the above specified requirements, the policy will not be reviewed for consideration.  You will still be required to purchase coverage through the University upon arrival.  Because this is a complicated area, it may be in your best interest to wait until your arrival at the University to purchase an insurance policy so that you will meet all the health care coverage requirements.  You may also want to check with your IFSO advisor to see if your health insurance coverage is provided.  If medical insurance is provided you must purchase repatriation and medical evacuation insurance separately.

International Visitors are responsible for paying the full cost of coverage for themselves and their eligible family members.  When you enroll, you will need to be prepared to purchase coverage for the first quarters’ coverage.  Your coverage begins on the date of your enrollment.

In order to keep your coverage up-to-day, your premiums must be paid on the due date each quarter.  Your premiums may be paid with Money Order or a Cashier’s check.  You will be able to purchase a Money Order  at the U.S. Post Office.  You can purchase a Cashier’s Check at any bank.

The cost of health care coverage varies depending on whether you need coverage for yourself only or for you and your eligible family members.  The following chart reflects the current cost of coverage per month:   

UT at Brownsville
Policy Number: 2004-680-1
Campus Student Insurance Contact: (956) 882-8202
Preferred Provider Organizations:
     Student HealthCare Network - Hospitals & Physicians (800) 767-0700
     Local Hospitals - Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen. If you need more information, please request a Student Health Insurance Guide at the International Faculty Services Office. 
For electronic copy of the Student Health Insurance Guide, click here.

PERIOD CODES Annual (A-) Quarterly (QX) Fall (F-) Spring (G-) Spring/ Summer (J-) Summer (S-)
A Student $ 835.00 N/A $ 339.00 $ 318.00 $ 496.00 $ 178.00
B Student & Spouse $3225.00 $ 807.00 $1308.00 $1228.00 $1917.00 $ 689.00
C Student & Child $2116.00 $ 529.00 $ 858.00 $ 806.00 $1258.00 $ 452.00
D Student, Spouse, Child $4506.00 $1127.00 $1827.00 $1716.00 $2679.00 $ 963.00
E Each Additional Child $1281.00 $ 320.00 $ 519.00 $ 488.00 $ 762.00 $ 274.00
F Optional Major Medical/Student $ 435.00
G Optional Major Medical/Spouse $ 435.00
H Optional Major Medical/Each Child $ 435.00
I Optional Repat/Evac/Student $ 41.00
J Optional Repat/Evac/Spouse $ 41.00
K Optional Repat/Evac/Each Child $ 41.00

(Quarterly Payment Coverage Periods)
Optional Major Medical Benefits are available.

If you have the University Employee Insurance Plan, you may purchase this Optional Repatriation/Medical Evacuation benefit without the purchase of Basic coverage.  If basic coverage is purchased, Repatriation/Medical Evacuation benefits are included in this Basic Coverage.

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