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Electricity and water are connected through the City of Brownsville.  Renters and homeowners are usually required to pay a deposit upon connection.  This amount may range from $40-$170 and is based on number of bedrooms, whether or not the residence has air conditioning, and whether or not the renter also pays the water bill.  Water and electricity costs also include garbage collection.

See your apartment manager first; often he or she will arrange your connections for you.  If not, new service should be established over the telephone by calling  983-6100.  In order to obtain a service, you will need to furnish the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Social Security Number (or UTB ID #)

  3. Address where utilities will be connected

  4. Photo ID (Texas Driver’s license or passport)

  5. Copy of lease (if available)

  6. Billing address (if different)

After making arrangements by telephone, you will have  two to four weeks to mail in your deposit.

GAS UTILITIES                               

Natural Gas connections are provided through (Southern Union Gas Company. For new Service call 1-800-700-689). A $50 deposit, in check or money order form, is required. You will pay this deposit when a Southern Union representative makes the connection at your residence.  You must be at the residence the day the connection is to be made.  A $25 connection fee will also appear on your first bill.  You will need to furnish the following information:

  1. Name (and roommate’s name, if any)

  2. Address where connection is to be made

  3. Date of birth

  4. Texas driver’s license number (if any)

  5. Telephone number

  6. Address of relative or friend in the U.S. to notify in case of emergency.

  7. Name of previous occupant, if any (leasing agents can provide this information).


The Brownsville area is served by Southwestern Bell. For new service, call 1-800-464-7928.  You will need the following information:

  1. Name

  2. Social Security Number (or UTB ID #)

  3. Address where phone service will be connected

  4. Billing address (if different)

  5. Texas driver’s license number (if available)

  6. Preferred long distance carrier

You will be offered several optional services, most of which add an extra cost to your phone bill.  Read the information in the first section on the Southwestern Bell Telephone directory for a description of these services.  It is best to connect only basic service initially and add other services later if the need arises.  The first section of the directory also contains information on long distance carriers.  You must choose one carrier upon connection of telephone services.


If your apartment is “all bills paid,” you will only need to arrange telephone service.
If your apartment is “all electric,” you will not need gas utility service.

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