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Hurricane Alert

UTB/TSC Archived Advisory
The message below may not reflect current condition for UTB/TSC. Please refer to for latest information.


Stay informed and keep an eye on Tropical Storm Gustav
Update #2
August 29, 2008  9:01 a.m.

We continue to watch Tropical Storm Gustav, but at this time, we are not in the storm’s immediate path. 

However, you can never predict what a tropical storm will do so it is important to continue to listen to weather reports.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, all employees should keep an eye on the storm and check for updates from the UTB/TSC Hurricane Team via e-mail at and the UTB/TSC Hurricane Alert Page.

Although the Rio Grande Valley is currently predicted to be outside the path of Gustav, we will continue to monitor the storms movement into the Gulf of Mexico and will keep you informed of any changes. All offices and departments should make sure phone trees are up-to-date with accurate employee contact information before the end of the business day.

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