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Adding Vendors Procedure

Datatel was a fully integrated system with a single database for students, employees and vendors. In contrast, PeopleSoft has separate databases for employees and vendors. In addition, since the student module was not included in the scope of the PeopleSoft implementation, the student database is still being managed in Datatel. Therefore, in order to process payments for students, they first need to be added as vendors in PeopleSoft.


Follow the steps in the “Searching for Vendors” quick guide to check if a vendor already exists. If the vendor does not exist, follow the instructions below for adding vendors to PeopleSoft:

New vendors (suppliers) 

Provide vendor the Supplier Information Form and ask vendor to email it to Encourage them to fill out Direct Deposit section and provide us with an email address.


Use the Expense Report section of the Travel and Expenses module to process employee reimbursements. It is no longer necessary to set up employees as vendors.


Departments needing to process payments to students should follow the current process of sending a memo/email to the Business Service Center ( with a listing of students’ names, IDs, cost center to be charged, amount, etc. The Business Service Center will determine if students need to be set up as vendors and communicate with the Purchasing Office. Purchasing will obtain the student’s information from Datatel to set them up as vendors.

If students want payment to be transmitted via Direct Deposit, ask them to complete page 3 of the Supplier Information Form and submit the forms along with the memo/email to the Business Service Center.

Changes to existing vendors

Email the updated information such as additional/new address, email, phone, etc. To add or change direct deposit information, ask vendor complete page 3 of the Supplier Information Form and submit it to

For more information about adding vendors, contact the Purchasing Office at 956-882-6553 or see the Resources section.

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